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We Can Cater Any Event!
We can arrange for on-site catering or large order delivery to anywhere on the Central Coast including Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, Nipomo, Morro Bay and more. Or we are close to downtown SLO and Highway 101 for quick and easy pickup of party subs or trays of sandwiches!

Sandwich Trays
The perfect solution for an office lunch, meeting or small group gathering! We can custom cut any of our sandwiches to a smaller size for clean and easy serving. This service can usually be put together on short notice. A $10 deposit is required at pick-up for the serving trays supplied - refunded upon return.

3 to 6 Foot Subs
Have a really hungry crowd to feed on a budget? This is a fun and healthy solution for sports teams, fraternity or club gatherings, birthday parties or just any time you want to make an impact! Our bakery requires 2 full days notice for the custom-baked loaf of bread. A $10 deposit is required at pick-up for the bakery board supplied - refunded upon return.

Private Use of the Restaurant
Ask about the possibility to use the restaurant after regular business hours (after 6pm M-Sat, or after 5pm on Sunday) for low-key gatherings like club meetings, or team sports or class awards ceremonies.

Pre-Packaged Lunches
If you need to serve a large group on-the-go, in a quick fashion then this is perfect for you. We can pre-package individual sack lunches containing your choice/combo of sandwich, chips, dessert, and a drink. We routinely provide this service for travelling sports teams to Cal Poly and outdoor shooting competition events.

Additional Items and Options Available:

  • Dessert Trays
    Have a combination of our chocolate chunk caramel brownies, Rice Krispy treats and cookies arranged in bite size pieces. The perfect compliment to any catering option.
  • Salads and Sides
    We can prepare any of our regular side dished including pasta, macaroni or potato salad - or we can put together a bowl of green salad to serve any number of guests.
  • Beverages
    If you need to add anything to drink, we can arrange to have a variety of canned and bottled drinks, chilled and ready to go! We can possibly provide beer and wine as well with a special off-site permit.

Fully Customized BBQ Catering
Perfect for weddings, rehearsal dinners, parties or any gathering! We can provide a traditional Santa Maria style menu or we can change to fit your specific needs. All of our BBQ catering is served buffet style. This service can be provided at any location for a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 200 people. A deposit for the food is required. Please call Jim at 544-4948 before 11am or after 2pm to discuss the particulars.

Cajun Boil Party
Click to EnlargeLooking for a fun and different idea to feed 15-50 people? Try a Cajun Boil party. This is a great idea for Mardi Gras, bachelor parties, graduation parties, beach parties and reunions. Everything is cooked in one big pot including potatoes, corn, mushrooms, ham hocks, heads of garlic and louisiana hot sausage. We then add your selections of seafood which may include shrimp, mussels, clams, oysters, crayfish, crab claws and even slipper lobster tails. Some items may not be available all year. Chicken legs, artichokes, corned beef, peppers and hot dogs (for the kids) may also be added. Gather around our specially made tables stocked with dippin’ sauces, loaves of bread and paper towels (which you'll need since you eat everything with your hands). It’s a great way to allow everyone to interact, have fun and eat ‘till you explode! Prices will vary depending on group size, seafood selections and current market prices. Please call Jim at 544-4948 before 11am or after 2pm to discuss the particulars.

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